Is This F##king Edgy Enough

by Kaiju Bombers

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no one gave a shit so i ruined it


released October 4, 2016

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Andrew Eadie


Special thanks to Steven Visser for helping on group vox



all rights reserved


Kaiju Bombers Vancouver, British Columbia

big dick club

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Track Name: Idiot Loser Who Can't Play Guitar
i used to think i was intelligent and life would be easy and predictably along the way i learned how different things would be
medication and indoor recess with children "just like me"
getting picked last in sports
assigned to group work and losing in spelling bees

between medication and fear of failure i said its better to not compete
two decades zooted off college kid's pills i recognize crumbling dreams

out in the back by the lake trees and grass the first time i smoked weed i showed up high to class feeling normal at last till i bombed 40 tests and my dad kicked my ass i dropped out of high school to learn shit that's cooler than sucking dick of people better than you or me

shotgunning beers quickly after life filled with friends laughter and minimum wage for busting my ass and failing my midterms and skipping my classes applying for jobs i will never hear back from and now i can't sleep unless i've had 6 drinks
it hurts to be, what`s worse, im free, i cant sleep, unless ive had 6 drinks,
whats worse, all this shit`s on me
Track Name: Can We Just Get Drunk and Steal Tulips?
i'm a cliche
the girl in my dreams just left yesterday
and i'm in denial

she didn't see me, she saw the mask she placed over
but through the cracks could see, i'm not who she wanted me to be

spent the last 3 hours clenching my teeth

but if she called, i would answer

cause maybe i love the sting

and today i wrote a book, about my emotions
the pages were blank, but at the end i jotted down, the last thing i said

i miss you
Track Name: Armageddon Happened and you weren't invited
let's pretend we're strong
pretend we get along
just like those good old days

we've played this game for so long
i don't think we know, anything else

and i'm an optimist, in everything but myself

i try not to dwell on my past

cause i haven't changed my shirt, in eight days
and been wearing the same shoes, since tenth grade

and i'm not quite sure, where we go from here
maybe just end it all?
sounds better than this fucking wall.
while the world stares, but nobody cares at all
Track Name: New Weed
i can't let go

i still dream about you when I can sleep

these days I'm very tired

i can't go home

Clear to me now that I should not exist

please show me how to live like this

waterfalls and sharing socks
skipping river rocks from under docks
every smile a stolen moment
here with you now, happy, for the moment

when will i see you again?
Track Name: Quitting Smoking in 1962
what could be worse, than life going it's course?
could this get any harder, could i hate myself more?

i don't ask questions, for fear of the answer

but in this hour, i'm cathartic not sour

and as we stand, shoulder to shoulder
sweat mixed i feel, powerful
for once in my life
Track Name: Shawty
how could you just walk away from everything we had?
Track Name: Beach Day
never asked to be the center of attention
hold your camera till i die
you're the one they came to see, i'm nearby

the times i try, are when i crash the hardest

and i wish i had a jacket, with all my flaws written on it
so you could point and laugh
not that you do much different but
maybe i'd be ok, if i knew what was wrong with me

read my tombstone, it says i'm home
and goodbye, thanks for those fun nights
will you remember me? never
Track Name: Shit My Dad Says

something's wrong
i've been imagining for far too long
that I am unhappy because I am sick
or weak
fact is I'm scared to lose a fair fight
i choose to self defeat
can't fall asleep most nights
so I'm tired every day
get so drunk that I can't talk
stay in bed
through the weekend
in the end I'm meaningless
i'm so fucking scared to die
i choose to self defeat